Turn Blue Monday into Blue-Sky Monday!

HR Manager, Fiona Galletly advises how to turn today from Blue Monday into Blue-Sky Monday!

Today is apparently Blue Monday! This is a term which was coined by a lecturer at Cardiff University to describe today, as the day, statistically, that we are most likely to suffer from feeling the blues. What this can translate to is a day of low productivity and poor morale in the workplace as the holidays of Christmas are behind us, pay day is that little longer way off than we anticipated and the weather can be a bit “rotten”.

Personally, working in HR, I prefer to think of today more positively, as Blue-Sky Monday!

What do I mean by this? Well I am thinking maybe today it is time to think big and put some new ideas into practice.

We are past the holidays, the barrage of emails and those odd little tasks that tend to arrive after some time off so put these behind you.

Why not clear some space today in your diary to work on that big project you’ve been putting off? Or perhaps go for a walk at lunchtime to get some inspiration and well, look up, take in the blue sky (it’s actually quite nice weather here in Edinburgh today). Use this time to think about how those ideas you have could be used at work!

As an example, this week, I am proud to say with the help of some of my colleagues, we are launching our Health and Wellbeing strategy.

January is a time we traditionally focus on eating less and moving more; shaking off the excesses of Christmas. For us at Chiene + Tait, it is also one of the busiest times for our personal tax team who are working to help our clients submitting their annual tax returns before the deadline of the end of January. So, we thought it is a good time to launch our Kick Start New Year campaign this month.

We are using this time as a time to help everyone find some wind-down at points during a hectic day and to focus on their health, which is proven to have a positivity impact on work productivity (see what the World Health Organisation say here: http://bit.ly/2mzswtB).

I am pleased to say this week we are working with Nuffield Health to offer our staff workplace massages and a basic health check, or a Health MOT. We also have some stretching classes which one of our partners organises for people to do after work, getting away from the desk, stretching out aches and pains and to focus on how they are feeling. Finally, we are setting up a Committee here with representatives from a range of the workforce to talk about ideas and initiatives we want to launch on Health and Wellbeing.

My hope is through this, we are giving everyone the opportunity to take some time out for perhaps some “blue sky thinking”. For example, maybe this time will allow us to ask; how they might I set a small goal to make the best of my opportunities? It could be a work, personal or family goal; for example, do you want to maybe to eat better or get fitter, to think about positive work achievements and to value yourself more, or maybe it is simply finding a small break in the day to be creative and to wind down.

As a final thought then, whether you work in HR or maybe in another busy job, rather than letting Blue Monday get on top of you, today I would encourage you and your teams to take some time out to focus on setting some goals, on what you have already achieved so far career wise and to embrace some blue sky thinking to put some of your great ideas and creativity into practice. Remember we all have this potential!