We are very happy to continue receiving and sending documents in the post, but you may find that it is quicker and more environmentally friendly to send us your information electronically. Given the necessary changes to working practices caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, this will also help us to deal with your Tax Return as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We can arrange electronic transfer of documents by email or secure online portal. HMRC allow the approval of tax returns by electronic means in most cases.

Please let us know if this is of interest by completing the form below.

Unencrypted email is standard email. It does not use any additional security measures.  We do not recommend use of unencrypted email for personal or sensitive data.

Encrypted email is email with additional security.  For this, we use a service provided by Barracuda. Accessing emails sent through this service requires an additional user account and password, making it harder for the email to be hacked.  We use this by default for messages that include any personal or sensitive information in order to allow us to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection regulations.  You will be asked to register with Barracuda the first time we send you a message using the service.

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