A blog from the dog at the Scottish Game Fair

Here Alison Lawton in our Personal Tax team gives a pup’s point of view of this year’s Scottish Game Fair, Scone.

What does a gundog do on his/her day off? A visit to the Scottish Game Fair at Scone would fit the bill as a guest of pawfessional advisers “Chien + Tait”.  As the rest of the United Kingdom basked in sizzling temperatures, we (my owner and I) arrived at Scone in Perthshire under a veil of cloud.  Rather than worry about the weather and replacing my hound-dog expression with a gleeful tail wag, I trotted eagerly to the entrance.

The first highlight of the day was the Chiene + Tait debate “The Ethical Commercial Shoot” with panellists from the RSPB, the British Game Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, but not a game bird in sight. The topic could have turned out to be juicy bone of contention but the contributors were obviously well trained, informative, good natured and expertly controlled by their handler, our own Rory Kennedy. The debate was well attended but in the heat of the marquee, I did take the opportunity of a quick forty winks. Luckily, I would not miss any juicy morsel as I would be able to listen to the discussion by downloading the podcast from “Into the Wilderness”, at my leisure.

Chiene + Tait’s residence for the weekend was situated at the corner of the main arena which had marvellous views of the main events for the humans. Unfortunately, the advertising hoardings blocked the four-legged visitors view so I consoled myself with the sound of ducks being herded, fox hounds baying and chain-saws growling in anger (not at the same time, I hasten to add). The youngsters of the pipe band played tunefully and, although tempted, I did not howl along.

The clouds cleared by mid-day, the temperature soared and the crowds gathered. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, from wolf hounds to jack russells, sauntered obediently around the show ground, whilst their owners engaged in some re-tail therapy.  Rather than getting hot under the collar, I retreated to the Chiene + Tait stand where afternoon tea was served in the early afternoon.  A gentle stream of visitors gathered to chat to the staff in attendance and, as it should be on a gloriously sunny afternoon, the chat was not all about accountancy, business and tax – that would be too much for a hot dog to stand.

It was certainly a doggy day out with a difference. So next year drag your owners out to the Scottish Game Fair and visit Chiene + Tait for a warm welcome, refreshments and a bowl of water.

Now, where was that nice gentleman in tweed with the biscuits in his pocket………