Informed Trustee Certificate Launched

Chiene + Tait’s Head of Charities Euan Morrison has supported the development of an online certificate for current and future trustees. The Informed Trustee course, run by The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), aims to equip current and aspiring trustees with the knowledge they need to be successful charity board members.

The majority of UK trustees are older, white men, with men outnumbering women two to one*. Unfortunately, having everyone from the same demographic narrows the types of skills, experiences and attitudes each trustee can bring to a charity. This means that the leadership of third sector organisations doesn’t always reflect the end-users, creating a cognitive dissonance between what users need and where trustees lead. Additionally, boards of trustees can find it a challenge to recruit younger members, which is essential to the lifeblood of a charity particularly in the current digital age.

The Informed Trustee course covers legal, regulatory and financial requirements for charities across the UK and is endorsed by Edinburgh Napier University and supported by the Charity Finance Group. Programme editor in chief, Julie Hutchison, charity specialist at Standard Life Wealth was supported by a number of charity specialists to ensure the course fully took into account geographic variances in charity law and accounting. Euan Morrison, provided assistance with the Scottish accounting and taxation element alongside C+T charity tax specialist Catriona Finnie. To find out more about the Informed Trustee course, visit the STEP website at