Euan Morrison in Third Force News: Charities encouraged to consider greater board diversity

Chiene + Tait’s Head of Charities, Euan Morrison, appears in Third Force News advising charities to consider having a greater diversity on their board of trustees, ‘Third sector organisations need to adopt new ways of thinking if they are serious about addressing this imbalance. More young people might be attracted to a trustee role if meetings were held at weekends and not during the week, for example. With 18-24s often keen to build their CVs, marketing a trustee role as an alternative way of volunteering could also prove attractive. I’m not suggesting that currently there is an intended desire amongst trustees to deter youth and diversity, but there is a feeling that they are, quite unsurprisingly, inclined to look within their own peer groups when recruiting new people to their boards. Charities must, however, look at ways to overcome this situation or they will risk losing relevance to the people they are in post to support. Diversity across a board of trustees is an important part of good governance where people from a variety of backgrounds and ages are usually better placed to make well-rounded decisions.’

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