Life as an apprentice at C+T

As my time at High School came to an end, I realised that like many others in my situation, I was unsure what to do. I pondered if I should get a job or go to college for a year, I chose the latter. I enrolled at Edinburgh College to study for a HNC in Business. During my time at college I realised that learning in a classroom environment was not for me. I then decided to look at other options and this is when I came across an apprenticeship. The idea of being able to work, earn and learn all at the same time was something that interested me.

Whilst looking at the different apprenticeships that were on offer, I came across the opportunity at Chiene + Tait.  This was highly appealing to me because it was the finance modules that I enjoyed most at college. I decided to take the plunge and apply. Once I had applied the recruitment process was quick. I received a phone interview from the training provider within a week. I then had an informal screening interview to see if I was suitable to be put forward for the position. This was followed in quick succession by two interviews, which were a very good learning experience and, before I knew it, I was offered the job.

Being one of the first apprentices in the firm of course comes with its worries and irrational thoughts: how will I cope in an office environment? Will I ever be able to settle in? Will I be able to stay in the same premises till FIVE O’ CLOCK? (okay, maybe not that one, but you get my point). It can be a big step for anyone just out of higher education and making the transition into the working world. However, I settled into the firm quickly and everybody in the office made me feel instantly at ease.

As well as gaining valuable life skills and training, my apprenticeship also comes with the opportunity to sit AAT exams. It is a constant challenge to balance work and study each week, however it is one I welcome with open arms.

I’ve never done accounting before, but have found it an exciting and challenging experience. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone interested. It is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable life experience, qualifications and earn a full-time salary all at the same time.