Rural Land Opportunities & Obligations

During our weekend at the Scottish Game Fair in July 2014, Chiene + Tait hosted a breakfast briefing with Thorntons Law LLP and Estate Life to discuss rural land opportunities and obligations.

Richard Blake from Thonrtons Law LLP highlighted the land reform and agricultural holdings reviews. He discussed the recommendations for the reports, and what might develop as well as a timetable for implementation.

Michelle Fallon, from Chiene + Tait, talked about devolved Scottish taxes and business planning. She concentrated on Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and the impact of the Scotland Act 2012.

Joanna Goddard and Susan Reid, from Estate life, addressed the opportunities in the corporate, wedding and filming location marketplace. Joanna and Susan gave some valuable advice on how to market your property.

To find out more about these three subjects, download our Comment On article here.