RTI – New Guidance for Employer Payment Summary Submissions Timescale

There are two key submissions employers must make under RTI – the EPS (Employer Payment Summary) and the Full Payment Submission (FPS).  The EPS is used when employers want to:

  • Claim a reduction in the amount to be paid to HMRC.
  • Declare that no payments have been made to employees in a tax month.

HMRC previously advised that “where possible, it is advisable to submit the EPS on or after 6th of the month but before 19th, to ensure the credit is allocated against the month expected”.

HMRC however have recently released new guidance confirming that the actual EPS “window” is the 20th to the 19th of the following tax month i.e. for an EPS to apply to Month 5’s FPS totals, the EPS needs to be submitted in the window from 20 August to 19 September.  The following grid, produced by HMRC, will help you determine when EPS submissions need to be made.


Period EPS Sent: Recoveries adjustment will be allocated against the payment due on: Tax Month
Up to 19 May 19/ 22 May 01
20 May to 19 Jun 19/ 22 June 02
20 Jun to 19 Jul 19/ 22 July 03
20 Jul to 19 Aug 19/ 22 August 04
20 Aug to 19 Sept 19/ 22 September 05
20 Sept to 19 Oct 19/ 22 October 06
20 Oct to 19 Nov 19/ 22 November 07
20 Nov to 19 Dec 19/ 22 December 08
20 Dec to 19 Jan 19/ 22 January 09
20 Jan to 19 Feb 19/ 22 February 10
20 Feb to 19 Mar 19/ 22 March 11
20 Mar to 19 Apr 19/ 22 April 12


If the EPS is submitted in accordance with these “window dates” the Accounts Office payment that HMRC expects and the payment that the employer actually makes should be the same value.

If you have any RTI queries or would like more informaiton on this area, please contact Neil Cameron by email to payroll@chiene.co.uk or call 0131 558 5800.