P11D Time Is Here Again

John Rodger, Corporate Tax Partner is available to offer P11D dispensation advice – if you would like Chiene + Tait to assist your P11D submission to HMRC and you hold a dispensation document, please read on or contact our team of specialists.

P11D Dispensation – if you hold such a document we would appreciate it if you could send us a copy. Otherwise, please detail what items the dispensation covers, whom it applies to, and when it was issued to you.

A P11D dispensation is an agreement with the Inland Revenue that allows you as an employer to exclude certain items from the P11Ds. These items consist of expenses and benefits that are incurred by the employee wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the proper performance of his business duties.

If you hold a P11D dispensation, there is no need to record details of the benefits provided for on P11Ds, and the employees concerned will not have to make a claim for tax relief through his Self Assessment tax return for business expenses and benefits as described above.

If you would like further information on obtaining a dispensation, please contact John Rodger on 0131 558 5800 or john.rodger@chiene.co.uk.