Pensions Auto-Enrolment help for employers

Auto-enrolment is the term used for the Government’s obligation for all employers to offer their employees a workplace pension.

Businesses are enrolled, or ‘staged’, in phases: the first businesses to have to offer workplace pensions were the largest employers.

Since then, smaller employers have been staged. It’s still an ongoing process.

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Removing the auto-enrolment burden

Auto-enrolment can be an administrative burden for many smaller employers. We can make it easier by providing expert consultations and advice on every aspect of auto-enrolment – whether you’re looking for an entirely new scheme or an improvement on an existing one, or even looking for admin cover – saving you countless days of work.

Efficient, accurate work

Significant experience and in-house know-how means we offer an efficient and precise process – for instance, we have the software to automatically send data in the right formats to a range of different pension providers. The services we provide are critical to employees and employers alike and we treat them with the utmost importance: we make sure that our work is fast, accurate and – for you – effortless.

You’ll soon have a legal obligation to provide a pension for all of your employees, and it’s your responsibility to administer the process. We help many clients to fulfil their pensions auto-enrolment obligations with a high-quality service that makes complex legislation and onerous administration seem simple: it benefits our clients and their staff alike.

We can find your staging date for you – simply send us your PAYE code. Remember that the number of employees in 2012 was the determining factor: businesses that have significantly grown their headcount since then may not yet be staged. Organisations that came into being since 2012 will be staged in November 2017.

We help many clients in your position by removing a significant administrative burden. Our team uses specialist software that formats data correctly for provision to your pension provider. Recently, we helped a client save two whole days’ of admin and reporting work each month when they outsourced their scheme management to us.

We can also help by providing outsourced processes or expert advice on cyclical re-enrolment – the obligation each organisation has to re-enrol every three years.

Auto-enrolment reporting requirements are fairly onerous and having your pension data and payroll records held by the same supplier will ensure information is available should the regulator wish to complete a compliance review.


We will amalgamate your payroll records with your pension scheme, the initial auto-enrolment at your staging date, the collection of all pension payments in the first pay period, and process refunds of contributions during the opt-out period.


Your workforce must be assessed each time the payroll is processed and pension contributions collected. We will complete the assessment each time we calculate your payroll and provide the relevant information to your pension provider.


Each organisation must re-enrol every three years. We will assist you with the regulatory requirements and processes to do this. You can read more about re-enrolment in our guide, published on our blog.

Get in touch with any pension auto-enrolment questions for advice, clarity and to see how we can save you time and money.

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