Research & Development Tax Relief

Research & Development (R&D) tax relief is a win-win: improve your products or service, and offset the cost of doing it.

One of the most generous corporation tax reliefs currently available, R&D tax relief is designed to encourage innovation and increase spending on R&D activities. You can claim back money that you spend on research and development to offset against current or future tax bills. At Chiene + Tait, we will help you understand the rules and processes of R&D tax relief – and provide an expert service that gets you the most value from your innovation.

Just for scientists, right?

No, not at all.

In the eyes of HMRC, R&D covers any project that seeks to achieve an advance in science or technology ‘through the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainties.’ It is available to any company, operating in any industry. If you have:

  • Worked on something that hasn’t been attempted before;
  • Tried to improve an existing product through technological change; or
  • Looked to find a more efficient way to work

You will likely be eligible for relief. Even if your R&D project was unsuccessful, you may still be eligible: the key is that the project seeks to achieve a technological or scientific advance.

You know the technology, but we know the tax.

We have a team of R&D tax specialists who know the subject inside-out. The team will work with you to identify what you can claim, prepare a detailed report and submit directly to HMRC.

What’s more, we’re tax experts first and foremost. We know exactly what qualifies per legislation, and how to present information to HMRC. The advice you get from us will be accurate, insightful and comprehensive. We understand HMRC’s language, and we understand the impact a relief claim will have on your tax position, compliance and strategy.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“We have been delighted to work with Chiene + Tait on our R&D tax credit claims over the past few years. The guidance and professionalism of the Chiene + Tait team has resulted in a smooth submission process with a concomitant successful outcome. I’d highly recommend their services.”

Neil Wilkie, COO, Mironid

“deltaDNA has been working with Chiene + Tait for a number of years on the Company’s R&D tax credit claims. As a tech start up in a fast-moving environment, the claims have been vital in allowing the Company to invest in its tech stack to build a world class analytics SAS platform. Chiene + Tait have been excellent in their support, allowing the Company to maximise the return that can be re-invested in the Company’s R&D. Chiene + Tait have always taken a long term view, working with us on our roadmap to make sure we correctly allocate R&D expenditure and demonstrate to HMRC the reason why each project qualifies. This has allowed deltaDNA to successfully secure the tax credits with minimum fuss and the confidence each year to invest. I cannot rate Chiene + Tait highly enough! Having worked with other firms during the years on R&D tax credits, Chiene + Tait are by far the most professional, easiest to work with and ultimately the best at maximising the value back to the Company.”

Chris Wright, Founder, deltaDNA

“We were referred to Chiene + Tait in relation to an R&D tax credit application to HMRC and to say we were delighted with the outcome is an understatement. The specialist service provided made all the difference for a very successful claim and subsequent financial payout. Since this initial experience we have not hesitated in working with Chiene + Tait in subsequent years with continued success. I would recommend their services to any progressive organisations engaged in R&D activities.”

Neil Sutherland, Managing Director, Makar Ltd

“Commercially, Chiene and Tait have added a lot of value for us this year by being both quick and accurate with essential pieces of work.  More than that, though, the team has been a pleasure to work with and have demonstrated a knack for handling the details, whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture.”

Alan Murray, Financial Director, Speech Graphics Ltd

“Trusting the team at C+T with our R&D tax relief claims has been a sound investment. Their knowledge and interaction with our technical experts has delivered a smooth and efficient service that has maximised our claim. We look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Duncan McCreadie, Finance Director, Codeplay Software Ltd

“We are very happy with the work carried out by C+T on our R&D tax relief claim.  They spent the time with our technical experts to enable them to carry out a detailed assessment of our business and our investment in R&D and presented a thorough analysis and report for submission.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

John Duncan, Finance Director, ClinSpec Diagnostics Limited

“The Chiene & Tait team have provided invaluable support throughout the R&D claim process.  The C+T team demonstrate clear knowledge of the R&D legislation, and distil that knowledge into straightforward guidance to allow Quorum to assess the R&D project work and provide the information required to support the claim process.”

Sandra Redpath, Financial Controller, Quorum Network Resources

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