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If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, finance is probably one of your biggest concerns. To help businesses grow there are a range of funding sources: one is grants; typically given in the form of a cash award. However, grants from sources such as Scottish Enterprise usually come with strings attached that may include a requirement to have the grant claim reviewed by an independent accountant.

Grant makers often expect to see evidence from an independent source that the grant has been spent in line with the original award conditions. Funding if often given to businesses in stages and some grant funders require an independent accountant’s report with each claim before making a payment.

If you have yet to think about how you will effectively audit your grant claim to feedback to the grant making body, it’s never too late to prepare! Our Smart Grant Claim Infographic, below, talks through the basic steps to assist you with receiving a cash injection from a grant funder.

If you are about to make a grant claim or have made a grant claim and are looking for an advisor to assist with receiving the grant payment, contact our Entrepreneur Team today on 0131 558 5800 or email

How to complete an accountant’s report for a Smart Grant Claim Audit

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