Accounting software and cloud accounting

Our specialist team can review your current accounting software package and recommend products that will grow with your organisation. Whether it’s a move to a new product, or investment in a suite of applications, our experts are on hand to assist with each step of the journey.

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We are the foremost advisor on accounting software and cloud accounting in the area – we don’t believe any other firm can match our service:

  • We are vendor-independent: we’ll offer the right solution for you, and not for a supplier
  • We’ll take a fair and neutral position to examine your needs and help you pick the right tool for you – now and as you grow
  • Our team is expert on more online accounting systems than you’ll find elsewhere – not just the big systems
  • We have deep expertise in many systems: you’ll get accurate and comprehensive advice

Key questions we ask include:

  • What software features would save you time?
  • Will the accounting software grow with your business?
  • Is online or desktop account software best for you?
  • Should online access be restricted for some users?

Our team will also discuss what reports are needed to ensure that you can generate them. Accounting software offers a wide range of features to simplify the process of recording your business’ finances, so we’ll take a look at your business and help you decide which features you need most.

We’ll also advise on the many available add-ons designed to assist with inventory management, eCommerce, contact relationship management (CRM), point of sale and payments, payroll and HR, job costing and specialist invoicing and much, much more.

Contact us if you need to find a new software package, or need help with your existing one – members of our team specialise in different platforms, so we’ll be able to help you no matter your issue.

Find out more about our Digital services for all organisations here.

Software doesn’t negate the need for an accountant to ensure you comply with laws and regulations; instead, it’s about giving you quick and accurate visibility of your organisation’s accounts.

There are many strong reasons to use accounting software: it can save you time, money and stress, as well as help to make your business a success. It is usually far more efficient than using a spreadsheet. Security is also strong – for instance, Xero uses the same encryption as online banking software.

But, as no two businesses are alike, it is important to choose a program that suits your requirements; you shouldn’t simply choose one at random and hope that it works.

  • Sage (we are an official Sage Accounting Partner)
  • Xero (we are a Xero partner)
  • Quickbooks
  • Freeagent
  • KEYPrime (Landmark Systems)
  • Specialist industry platforms, such as Farmplan

There are lots of different solutions available to you: our team will advise you on the right software that works for your business, and that meets your current and planned needs. We’ll consult with you and ask questions about how you report on your accounts, what IT infrastructure you have, what your growth plans are, and the skills and experience already in your business to find the right package.

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