New webinar: Payroll Update 2017

This Spring Chiene + Tait’s Head of Payroll, Neil Cameron, delivered a Payroll Update 2017 webinar covering important changes and developments that affect all employers. Neil covered the Apprenticeship Levy, pension auto re-enrolment, gender pay gap regulations, and the new National Living and Minimum Wage rates. There were also some submitted questions which Neil answered at the end.

We recorded the live webinar and it is available to watch online whenever you choose. You can watch it here:

You can also watch it on YouTube here.

Auto- (and re-) enrolment

As the auto-enrolment process continues and affects smaller employers, employers who have already been staged now start to face their obligatory re-enrolment requirements. Neil talked through what re-enrolment means for your organisation, whatever stage you’re at, and how you can manage the administrative burden.

Apprenticeship Levy

From April 2017 a new charge on employers will come into effect, with the funds raised going towards apprenticeship training subsidies. Find out how it will affect your organisation, the rules, what you need to do about it, and how you can benefit in Neil’s webinar.

Gender pay gap reporting

Employers with more than 250 headcount will have to begin reporting on the pay differences between men and women in their organisations. The reporting must show average pay and bonus rates, and the number of each gender in pay quartiles. A narrative can also be included.

This reporting will be annual and must show the numbers as at 5 April each year, starting with 5 April 2017.

National Living Wage

Neil also covered the new Living Wage rates that will be applicable from April 2017.