Do they know it’s Tax Return time?

It’s the last thing on our minds at the end of the calendar year, of course, but it’s worth a reminder: self-assessment tax returns are due at the end of January. This escapes many people’s minds, hence the stereotypical annual deposit of a bin bag full of receipts to an ashen-faced, stoic accountant.

HMRC publish an annual list of the best excuses they’ve heard for forgetting to submit a tax return as a reminder of the forthcoming deadline. You can see this year’s full list here; our favourites include:

  • The lady whose husband ran off, taking their accountant with him. She is now seeking a new accountant.
  • The person whose yacht caught fire, destroying their tax return.
  • The unfortunate soul whose dog ate their tax return, along with all subsequent reminders sent by HMRC.
  • And the person whose house is not served by the Royal Mail, which must cause awful problems in the paying of bills and receiving of birthday cards.

There are more beauties from previous years: here’s the list from 2015, and here’s the list from 2014 which includes the intriguing excuse, “I had an argument with my wife and went to Italy for 5 years.”

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from us all.