Scotland’s independent schools face uncharted economic waters

Dave Roberts, Director at Chiene + Tait appears in the current edition of Business Insider Magazine talking about changes in the independent school sector:

‘Accountancy firm Chiene + Tait has been advising independent schools for more than 30 years and has seen affordability become an increasing issue. “Many parents, especially those with uncertainties about their own jobs, are now opting to put their children into independent secondary school only, rather than from primary onwards,” says Dave Roberts, director of business support services at Chiene + Tait.

“The reality is household income is not increasing in line with costs, therefore some parents simply don’t have the same level of resources to fund independent education.”

Roberts doesn’t expect to see many more mergers, but predicts more collaboration as schools look to reduce costs via, for example, joint procurement models or group discounts. On the loss of business rates relief, schools will need to pass on this cost by choosing between reducing bursaries or increasing fees.

“Between the two options, bursaries are likely to be reduced, worsening the current negative reputation of the sector,” Roberts suggests.’

To read the article in full visit the Business Insider website here.