Carol Flockhart appears in The Herald: Flexibility is key to keep our firm thriving

C+T’s Managing Partner Carol Flockhart appeared in The Herald talking about her journey through the ranks to the top of the firm, and about how to keep the firm focused on the future.

‘“Chiene & Tait was my first position out of Edinburgh University and I went into accountancy because all those in my business studies and accountancy class were doing it so I thought I would go and do that too,” she recalls.

“If someone had said way back then that I would still be here now I’d have said ‘not at all’, but I’ve experienced a lot of change over the years moving into different roles. I’ve worked my way through the ranks – from manager to senior manager then director and partner – and as I was going through I was always thinking ‘I’m keen to get to the next level’. Some people start their career and think ‘I want to be partner’, but that was never how I wanted to do it. It was always about the next step. I could see the next level and wanted to go on that journey.”

Yet while she put herself forward for the top management position at the 130-year-old Edinburgh firm because she thought she “had the skills to make a difference and was the right person for the role”, leading the firm was not a challenge Ms Flockhart had been coveting.’

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