Fleet Matters – The Benefits of “Green”

Whether your fleet is large or small, now more than ever is the time to think about making it into as green a fleet as possible.

If you have pooled vehicles and vans which undertake local journeys, consider electric. If, on average, you travel medium-range distances, consider hybrid. For long distance travellers, bring in vehicles that are running on LPG or have CO2 emissions of less than 115g/ KM.

The benefits of a green fleet can also be extended to employees driving their own cars on business (known as “grey fleet”). You can offer your workers a green company car using a salary exchange mechanism, which benefits the employee both from a tax mitigation and cost saving perspective, and benefits you the employer by saving National Insurance and reducing risk.

If you have a grey fleet, there are a number of issues that should be considered. As an employer, grey fleet driving can lead to hazards in terms of health and safety (e.g. employees might not have insured or MOT’d their car) and this brings unforeseen risks, such as employment law issues, into it too.

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