Exit Readiness Masterclasses: your chance to enrol in the next round of classes

Recently, we presented the third (and final in the series) session of the Scottish Investment Bank Exit Readiness Masterclasses. The sessions were presented by our Entrepreneurial specialists in tax and corporate finance.

Four companies selected by SIB participated in the series of three seminars aimed at giving their founders the information they need to drive their companies towards a successful exit.

We will now run another series of masterclasses – this time aimed at companies who are not yet at the exit stage. The classes will be run in late July and September and will cover the following over two sessions:

  • Starting a company – registration and other legal requirements;
  • Tax filing requirements;
  • Financing the early phase;
  • Getting investors on-board – what is EIS and why do investors want companies to have this status?;
  • Putting in place a share / incentive scheme for employees;
  • Exit considerations – preparation and process for a sale.

If you would like to enrol in these classes please contact us at entrepreneur@chiene.co.uk.