Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Chiene + Tait is a Xero Silver Partner and our team has recently seen a huge surge in demand for cloud-based accounting software, in particular Xero. This innovative software connects people with their accounting information on the cloud anytime, anywhere, on any device. In simple terms, instead of using software hosted on your servers, you can log in to Xero via the internet. The benefits that this brings are:

  • Money saved on hardware costs such as servers and desktop computers
  • No upfront software purchase cost or ongoing licence fees per subscriber
  • Free and automatic updates
  • Unlimited users
  • It’s as fast as your internet connection, and has a 99.97% uptime record since 2007
  • No costly IT support involved – it’s as easy as opening Google!
  • Free unlimited e-mail support from experienced specialist teams
  • All for an average cost of £24 per month

The biggest benefit of Xero is that it can download your internet banking transactions each day and auto-populate them into the software, ready to be processed. Xero recognises entries that are posted on a regular basis and auto-suggests the entry. Once an entry is posted on Xero, it is automatically reconciled, removing the duplication that some other software packages require.

There are also over 350 add-on applications designed to assist with inventory management, eCommerce, contact relationship management (CRM), point of sale and payments, payroll and HR, job costing and specialist invoicing and much, much more.

Some may worry about the level of security that cloud based software offers. Xero offers the same multi-level encryption that banks use for their online banking services. Their reputation is based on security and they do everything possible to protect their clients’ data, and in turn, their own business.

For more information on how Xero or other accounting software can help your business, please contact Julia Reid at xero@chiene.co.uk.