David Philp appointed as Head of R&D tax

David Philp has been appointed to the new role of Head of R&D tax at Chiene + Tait.

Philp joined C+T in 2012. Following several years of active experience within its multiple award-winning Entrepreneurial Tax Team, he has worked with a broad range of clients supporting them on R&D tax relief applications and other forms of innovation-focused tax reliefs.

Neil Norman, Entrepreneurial Tax Partner at C+T said: “Dave has established a proven track record in supporting clients on R&D tax relief claims and has the ideal knowledge and experience for this new role. Leading a burgeoning team, he is developing our market rapidly through referrals received from his client base.

“We believe there are opportunities to develop this aspect of our business as we have seen significant growth in demand for R&D tax relief applications. Brexit could also provide further scope for the government to expand innovation-focused reliefs across the UK to help enhance competitiveness.”