Dave Roberts in Independent Schools report in Business Insider Magazine

Dave Roberts, Chiene + Tait Business Support Director, appears in the Independent Schools Report, in the January/ February 2018 edition of Business Insider Magazine.

“The current market for international schools is challenging,” says Dave Roberts, director and independent schools sector specialist at accountants Chiene + Tait.

“Pupil numbers are holding up but not increasing. Due to this, there’s generally capacity for each school to take in more pupils and so the competition between schools is increasing. And more students appear to be transferring between schools than previously.

“This is partly to do with price, but mainly to do with the courses offered, the exam results achieved and the extra-curricular activities provided. There’s also an increasing demand for bursaries, with some parents applying to more than one school to see what bursaries they can get from each school.”

The online version of the report is available to view here.