7 Quick Tips for Successful Business Development

1. Learn the facts
Making a special effort to learn a few key details about your prospect / client to bring up in conversation with them is a good way to make them feel important and as though you are making a special effort.

2. Ask questions
Asking questions are a key way to learn all about what your prospect / client is actually looking for. It will also help you to establish and understand ways of helping them with their problems.

3. Court your prospects / clients
The overall aim of courting is to establish a solid connection between you and your prospect / client. Courting is considered to be the most important phase of any project and can help in getting you and your prospect / client started off on the right foot. Consider emailing them an interesting article related to their business and inviting them to an event as your plus one.

4. Talk about yourself
This is another important aspect in trying to establish a solid and more personal connection. Reveal something about yourself that they can relate to – just make sure it isn’t too personal!

5. Listen to the prospect / client
The other aspect of establishing a good connection with your prospect / client is ensuring that you listen to what they are saying! Make sure that when you ask a question, you truly listen to the response, rather than beginning to formulate a response while the other person is still speaking.

6. Step away from technology!
Organising face-to-face meetings and networking opportunities are far more effective in creating meaningful connections – so move away from your computer and Smartphone!

7. Be patient
It takes patience and time to develop long lasting relationships. Fight the urge to rush the process and do not focus purely on closing the sale to get the money – it’s too impersonal! You want to make a difference to your prospect / client and have a more personal approach.